About Formright

What we offer

Formright offer, through Cliff Smith, skills and experience to those in the Industry who will benefit from knowledge and expertise particularly in the fields of:

- project design management

- specialist engineering/technical support
- strategic quality leadership
- design management skills development & training

Working Together

Formright provide an end-to-end service that includes  cooperation with and coordination of relationships between clients, consultants, contractors and supply chain

Cliff Smith

 A broadly experienced leader, with expertise in strategic design and project management developed through four decades of experience within the construction industry. Extensive experience operating as a business unit executive and a track record for leading projects to completion on time and in budget. A confident and diplomatic leader, with a focus on active listening and understanding the perspectives of others and a strong capacity to influence. Embraces and understands individuality in determining the most effective way of motivating staff. A reputation for providing effective diplomacy and conflict resolution, as well as being trustworthy and supportive.  

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